About Us

Jayson Nickol is a general contractor, owner of Over and Above Custom Homes and Renovations. Jayson has been involved in construction from the age of 15; he helped to build two cottages, among many other renovations, before joining the Canadian military at age 21. When an injury suffered in Afghanistan made him unable to continue his military career, Jayson re-found his passion for construction. This passion was an inheritance from his grandfather, who built everything for his family from the ground up, and didn’t stop until it was perfect. Jayson enjoys contemporary builds but also loves modern traditional.
Jayson opened Over and Above Construction in 2009.
Jayson handles quoting for Over and Above, and specializes in general contracting, basements, bathrooms, and whole home renovations. Over and Above Construction is a general construction company that handles all of your exterior and interior renovations. Whether you just need new shingles, or want to renovate your whole house, OAC wants to help you accomplish your goals.  Over and Above will work with you, through every step of the project, making sure that you are 100% satisfied with the quality of our work, and that the project is on budget, and on time.
OAC is committed to using the best products and newest processes for your renovation; We take pride in always being on the cutting edge of construction knowledge and technology and look forward to helping you with all your renovation needs.

Some of our services:

– Whole home renovations=
– New home builds
– Roofing
– Basements
– Kitchens
– Bathrooms
– Architectural drafting and design
– And many more.